Dear Chris,

The automatic sprinkler system you installed in August for our Bible Garden has been very successful in keeping our fragile, new plants happy and thriving. We never have to worry about someone watering on the weekends. We are delighted with your work and are happy to recommend Flower City Irrigation to all. We especially thank you for your generous gift of time and talent.


Laurie Maier 
Business Manager, 
St. Ambrose Church


To Whom It May Concern,

Chris Walsh and his team have installed two (2) sepatate irrigation systems for our company, one at 1212 Pittsford Victor Road and the other in Canal Ponds Office Park

Each property presented their own challenges and Flower City Irrigation was able to complete their scope of work as scheduled. At 1212 Pittsford Victor Road, site contractors and the utility company disturbed areas that had sprinkler lines installed and subsequently caused damage to the line. Flower City Irrigation immediately corrected the issue and had the sprinkler line up and running with virtually no delay.

Having worked with Flower City Irrigations on these two projects, I can confidently say Chris has been a terrific contractor to work with. Chris has gone beyond my expectations on more than one occasion and our company will definitely be asking Flower City Irrigation to work on our future projects.


David M. Martin
Christa Development

The Professionals

Dear Chris,

Per your request and without hesitation, this letter will serve as my endorsement of your design and installation of lawn sprinkler systems.

Few irrigation contractors have shown your expertise and follow up service. Please do not hesitate to give my name out as a reference.

As always, it is a pleasure to do business with you.

Your For Greener Scenery,

Gregory B. Frank
Vice President
Ted Collins Associates, Ltd.

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