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Still concerned if an automatic lawn sprinkler system is right for you? Your questions are always welcome. Feel free to contact us by phone or email: 585-392-8998, info@flowercityirrigation.com

Information courtesy of: Hunter, Rain Bird, and The Irrigation Association

YES. We repair, upgrade, service and maintain Hunter, Rain Bird, and all leading brands of existing or previously installed irrigation systems. As well as provide dependable spring start-up and fall winterization (blowout) services.

A backflow prevention device is a complex “check valve” that is installed upstream of your irrigation system. Backflow prevention is the most important and necessary component of your irrigation system because it eliminates the potential for contamination of the water in your home and the homes of your neighbors.

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What is a backflow prevention device?

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Do You Provide Estimates?

YES. Our references are available upon request.


  • Free Estimates - Our written estimates also include manufacturers brochures describing the products chosen for your specific irrigation needs.
  • Site Visit - In order to provide an honest and accurate estimate we must view your property. Since no two landscapes are the same, an on-site visit of your property is required.

NO. In fact, it will conserve water. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system is precisely timed and controlled to deliver only the amount of water necessary, at the correct time of day. Unlike hand watering your lawn, you will not over-water with an automatic sprinkler system, or forget to shut off your garden hose.

I Lost My Timer Manual / I Need Product Info?

Unlike some landscape companies that "attempt" and fail to juggle all aspects of the trade... we specialize in automatic lawn irrigation systems. As a full-service irrigation company providing: design, installation, repairs, maintenance, and dependable service.

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The Irrigation Association (IA) promotes the most efficient and effective products, practices and water management for irrigation professionals. Visit the following links for detailed information:

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Simply stated... allow for comparison of "apples to apples". Compare contractors: brands, parts quantity, maintenance program and service history.

  • Many contractors cut corners in order to stretch their design and win your bid: eventually resulting in system flaws that showcase burn spots in your lawn.
  • After the initial installation, an irrigation system requires proper seasonal maintenance. Will your contractor provide reliable service tomorrow and for many years to follow? Confirm the Facts - Request proof of: all 3 insurance policies.

If you want a quote from a landscape architect, contact us.

YES. Flower City Irrigation, Inc. has the following insurance policies in place to protect the homeowner (our insurance certificates are available upon request):

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance

A professionally designed and installed automatic lawn sprinkler system is one of the best investments you can make in your home or business. Just ask anybody who has one. There's no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your property, increase its value and curb appeal, and save yourself lots of time and hassle.

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YES! The NYS Department of Health requires by law that all lawn sprinkler systems include a backflow prevention device.


Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Professional?

YES. All images on this website are of Flower City Irrigation, Inc. customers.

Do I really need backflow prevention with my irrigation system?

Installation of an automatic lawn sprinkler system requires trenching and pipe pulling. Our machinery is designed to trench and bury irrigation systems with minimal lawn damage. In favorable soil conditions, our machine is capable of horizontal drilling under driveways & sidewalks, resulting in zero damage to paved or concrete areas. Upon completion of your irrigation system the lines are barely visible and disappear quickly as your lawn grows.

Most irrigation manufacturers web sites provide on-line Manual and Product info "downloads". Flower City Irrigation curently installs products manufactured by Rain Bird. Click the logo below to go to Rain Birds website.