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  • Balance is due at job completion.
  • You may receive a letter from their water purveyor regarding the backflow prevention device. This letter is often a result of an overlap in paperwork, and usually is nothing to worry about. If you receive a letter and have any questions, please feel free to call us.
  • We will program your system to run heavily for a two-week period following the project completion in order to establish your new lawn (if applicable), or boost the progress of any lawn repairs we may have made. After this “establishment period”, the homeowner will be responsible for managing the irrigation schedule.
  • Drip irrigation sometimes “appears” as if it is not working properly. Since the drip tubing is placed underneath the mulch, the water it releases is not visible on the surface. So unless your plant material looks drought stressed, you can be sure it is working properly.
  • As always, if you have any questions or concerns at all about your system, please don’t hesitate to call 585-392-8998.
    Please visit our website and complete a customer survey. Your feedback is very important to us, positive or constructive. We realize that no matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement!




  • The only work we will need to do inside your home will be installing the backflow prevention device in the basement. We will need approximately 4-6 hours of access to your basement and we require that the homeowner (or homeowner’s representative) be home for the duration of the installation. Also, we will need to turn the water off for about ½ an hour. Following the installation, we will test the device for proper operation, and the homeowner (or homeowner’s representative) will need to sign the form (DOH-1013).
  • Typically, we will install the irrigation controller (clock) in the garage. If a standard electrical outlet (110-120V) is not available, one will need to be installed.
  • The installation time for the “typical” job is 2-3 days. Factors such as inclement weather, unforeseen obstacles, or other delays beyond our control may influence completion time.
  • In most cases, there will be no damage to your lawn. We will re-seed any areas that require it. In some instances, additional soil may be needed due to the necessary removal of large underground obstacles (rocks, boulders, construction debris, etc…). If we need additional soil to make a lawn repair, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the soil (we will install the soil at no additional labor cost).

What to expect from your new irrigation system

  • We will need a copy of the survey or tape map of the property, and a completed Application for Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices (DOH-347).
  • We require a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total project price.
  • We will call Dig Safely New York for a utility stake out 3 days prior to starting your project. All of the public utility companies that have lines on your property will show up to mark their locations.
  • The utility companies who provide phone and cable service to your home may not locate the lines all of the way to your house, therefore, there is a chance that these lines may be cut during the installation process. If a phone or cable line is severed, the utility company will repair the line, at no charge to you, within 24 hours.
  • Dig Safely will only notify public utility providers in your neighborhood; therefore, locating and communicating the location of any private underground services are the responsibility of the homeowner. Please notify us ahead of time if there are any private underground utilities including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Underground electric to sheds, wells, pool/spa, light poles, etc…
  • Invisible dog fence
  • Landscape lighting
  • Septic systems
  • Wells, dry wells
  • If you use a mowing and/or lawn care company, please let them know that we will be working on your property, and have them postpone any application and/or mowing for 1 week following the completion of our work. If your mowing company will be coming during the “stake-out” period, please ask that they do not remove any of the utility flags that may be in the lawn areas

If you want a quote from a landscape architect, contact us.